Müggelsee Surf and Sailing School
Müggelsee Surf & Sailing School is located on the coast of a big and beautiful lake in Berlin, Germany. There are excellent conditions for professional sailing and windsurfing, including the best winds in Berlin and large open water surface. The School is a certified institution, that provides group and individual classes for different levels. It's possible to rent various boats and windsurf equipment. There is a vibrant and supportive community of sailors and windsurfers, who are always happy to exchange skills or ideas. At the end of the day, sailors and windsurfers enjoy the beautiful sunsets and the unique atmosphere of this place in a great company, with a glass of beer or wine.
Agrivero.ai develops solutions for quality control and traceability of agricultural products. The combination of technologies like Computer Vision, Hyperspectral Imaging, and AI enables to scan the produce and analyze it non-intrusively, allowing customers to analyze samples 3x faster with increased accuracy and reliability. This information is shared throughout the supply chain with producers and buyers to ensure full traceability and reduce information silos.
OceanBiome is a community of talents with a focus on ocean research to map the path to engage in Ocean Protection to enable the next generation of leaders to engage in ocean literacy and stewardship to become ocean ambassadors in Sri Lanka. OceanBiome is a network committed to protecting the ocean ecosystem of Sri Lanka by nurturing passionate youth and children as the next generation of Multidisciplinary Ocean Ambassadors.

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