The Team
Anything you've even dreamed about
is possible to realise just at the moment
when you decide to accept the challenge
together with the team.
Who is on board?
At the sea the team is everything.
It's so precious that once we came together to start planning this journey.

Younes El Aoufir
Founder & Skipper
Younes is passionate about ocean and adventure since very young age. He began to sail a boat Optimist when he was only 6. Besides growing into an experienced sailor over the years, now he is also a bodyboarder, a surfer, a diver and a fisherman. In his live he combines water sports with the other hobbies like art and architecture.
Since 2007 he started to travel with a Laser Classic along the Moroccan coast. His ambition has grown and it's been his dream to travel around the world on a sport boat with minimum equipment.

Darina Onoprienko
Darina is a life-long learner. Despite the fact of being born and raised in St. Petersburg, Russia, she only sailed her first few nautical miles on a laser boat at the age of 25. Since then, she is a passionate sailor and water sports enthusiast. At the shore, she is a data scientist and runs her company.

Hans-Jürgen Roth
He is a mechanic, a qualified engineer in electronic precision engineering, and the manager of a system house.
He started windsurfing in the year 1975 and even built his first boards himself. In 2004, he discovered sailing with a 470 (dinghy). In the same year he started sailing with a catamaran. In 2014, he discovered sailing with a Laser.
He is always sporty on the water. He is also adventurous and loves challenges. When it comes to traveling, he is a backpacker all the way. He prefers spontaneous travel to a well-planned hotel trip. He loves getting to know other cultures and meeting people from all around the world.

Everyone, who supports us!
Support means a lot to us during this journey. Because of you we always go forward and keep on sailing to the places we've never been to. We are happy to share every moment of our journey and inspire you to go for your own adventures.
Let's stay in touch!
If you have any questions, ideas, suggestions or just want to say "Hi",
please get in touch with us via email:
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