The Journey
We don't need to take everything.
It's very simple, we take what we need and sail off.
Once in a lifetime journey
We are going to sail around the world on a sport catamaran with minimum equipment.
45700 miles
Our sailing route around the world along the coastlines. There will be many dangers on the way, but the journey is worth every mile.
687 days
It might take us years to complete the journey. But we are ready to start it and discover what it brings every day.
1 catamaran
We are sailing off with a catamaran and 40kg of luggage for the whole crew. We will take a challenge living with minimum resources.
There are already world tours done by great sailors. It's really a great success. These sportsmen had all the equipment to go around the world very fast, to rush through the oceans - large modern and technologically equipped catamarans and boats, storage spaces, kitchens, or sleeping areas, autopilots as well. We are looking for a different type of adventure and that's why we choose a simple catamaran with minimum equipment, but with a great performance in speed and stability. It's a truly unique adventure!
Initially, we planned to start the journey around the world in 2021, however, due to
the global pandemic and uncertainties it brings, we decided to postpone the journey for 1 year.

Still, in 2022 we are planning to sail 4 countries, and we will share this information with you.
Journey timeline
Start: 2022.
End: we'll see...
Summer 2022
We are starting with the short journey from Genoa, Italy to Rabat, Morocco with the Nacra Catamaran. We will sail along the Medeterranean coasts of France and Spain.
Summer 2023
We are planning to start our journey by crossing the Mediterranean from Morocco to Egypt along the coasts of Spain, France, Italy, Malta, Greece, Turkey, and Lebanon. There will be 2 challenging passes: from Menorca to Sardinia and from Sardinia to Sicily. The first part of our trip will end at the entrance to the Suez Canal, where we will park our boat until we are ready to go through the Suez Canal.
Summer 2024
We will continue our journey through the Suez Canal and will head towards India. This part of the journey will be over in beautiful Sri Lanka, where we will park until we are ready to continue.
Let's stay in touch!
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