Let's explore the coasts together
Anything you've even dreamed about is possible to realize just at the moment when you decided to do it.
Who are we?
We are the Coastal Nomads - adventures, explorers and sailing enthusiasts.
We want to explore the coastlines of our fascinating world.
We travel with small boats to demonstrate that sailing is an excellent way of sustainable traveling. This journey requires minimal equipment, bring maximum adventure, and they are 100% ecological. We want to prove that it's possible to discover unique marine ecosystems, their flora and fauna, without harming them.

We are ready to share our experiences along the way our friends, supporters and locals we meet. We want to draw attention to the urgent problems of marine pollution and the challenges local coastal communities face in this changing world.

The Journey once in a life time
As Coastal Nomads, we are going to sail around the world on a sport catamaran with minimum equipment.
45700 miles
Our sailing route around the world along the coastlines. There will be many dangers on the way, but the journey is worth every mile.
687 days
It might take us years to complete the journey. But we are ready to start it and discover what it brings every day.
1 catamaran
We are sailing off with a catamaran and 40kg of luggage for the whole crew. We accept a challenge living with minimum resources.

Why do we go for this challenge?
We challenge ourselves, our way of living and traveling. We want to share our passion for sailing,
marine environment and human connection with everyone we meet on the way and everyone who follows us online.
We promote the benefits of sailing and want to encourage as many people to do water sports regularly for physical and moral well-being. This is a daily portion of adventure in nature.
We want to raise awareness of the problem of marine pollution and challenges local coastal communities face. It's necessity to protect the environment by changing the behaviour on a daily basis.
We support cultural exchange and believe that it is essential to build bridges between different communities. It is in our hands to make a small step towards peace and harmony in the world.

Who supports us?
These organizations stepped in very early to help us make this journey happen. We are extremelly thankful for their support.
Let's stay in touch!
If you have any questions, ideas, suggestions or just want to say "Hi",
please get in touch with us via email:
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